Become a Fiber Optic Integrator


Become a Fiber optic integrator


A fantastic opportunity exists for installers of electric fence, CCTV, and/or security systems.

This new approach provides solutions to some of the classic challenges faced by security system designers, such as:

  • How to monitor very large distances in a cost-effective manner?


  • How to reduce the greater incidence of nuisance alarms that result when monitoring large areas?


  • How to guard against someone defeating the security system?


  • How to monitor environments subject to explosive gasses?


  • How to monitor environments where there are conductive or corrosive liquids or gasses?


  • How to design a system that can survive electrical storms?


Training as a Fiber Guard Integrator

  1. FiberPatrol, FlexZone Technical Certification Training

This three-day program provides an in-depth overview of the design and implementation of the FiberPatrol fiber optic perimeter intrusion security system. Participants will gain the skills and certification they need to effectively install and maintain the FiberPatrol system.

  1. OmniTrax, UltraWave Cable Installation Training

This two-day session provides an in-depth overview of the design and implementation of the OmniTrax buried intrusion detection system. The class will review the proper steps to the correct installation of cable and connection into the OmniTrax processor. It will cover the site surveys, distances required to install the system and outside disturbances that could affect the operation of the product.

  1. Technical Training

Fiber Guard offers custom technical training on an as-needed basis.

To request training, please complete the form below:

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  1. Demo Case

Training costs include a demo case with a FlexZone demo system installed in it.


The costs includes the following:-

  • Demo case
  • Flight costs from your nearest airport to Johannesburg and back
  • Accommodation
  • Training



Forward your CV and cover letter to or call our office for more information.