Electrical Machinery Regulations

Sizavert (Pty) Ltd.’s electric fencing equipment and installations comply fully with the new requirements of the Electrical Machinery Regulations Act: SANS 10222-3 and SANS 60335-2-76

Sizavert (Pty) Ltd. is an accredited installer registered with

PSIRA Registered Reg. no. 1301779

EWSETA Certification no. 58697

Dept. Labour reg. EFSI 00671

Our key staff have all undergone the prescribed training and are certified.

We issue a Certificate of Compliance where required. This is valid for 2 years.

Certificate of Compliance

Should you require a C.O.C., please give us a call and we will gladly supply you with a quotation.

Property owners with their own energizers are advised that a Certificate of Compliance (COC) is available on request to ensure that the electrified fencing system installed complies with new Government Regulations introduced on 1st December 2012.

A Certificate of Compliance is mandatory when selling your property and is transferable, provided the certificate is less than two years old.